Project & Change Management

DCA uses a systematic diagnosis of a client’s current situation to develop a Change Management Plan. Communication of that plan aligns group expectations with leadership’s goals. Performance metrics are used to develop appropriate strategies.

Whether the desired change is reducing costs, improving revenues, solving problems, seizing opportunities, aligning work and strategies, or streamlining information flow, DCA will develop a set of specific plans and actions within time, cost and scope constraints and meeting stakeholder expectations to increase the likelihood of success and return on investment.

To that end, DCA also incorporates strategies to help individuals impacted by the change to be successful by building support, addressing resistance, and developing the required knowledge and ability to implement the change.

DCA assures that client organizations build change management competency, taking into account cultural shifts and how individuals view themselves with regard to change.

Clients acquire the strategic capability that enables their organization to be flexible, change-ready, and responsive to marketplace changes.

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