Operations & Program Assessment

Organizational assessment is a “diagnostic” review for a health care business division, institute, or program. Through a structured approach and facilitated client discussions across all affected business units and functions, DCA develops a comprehensive assessment and plan that identifies cost savings, strategic re-balancing and downsizing, and process improvements.

While no two organizations are alike, national comparatives are an integral and productive tool for learning. Assessing a cllient’s operations includes the essential element of comparing key metrics to that of other organizations. DCA helps determine which industry organizational comparatives and metrics are important in assessing existing operations while seeking innovative comparative solutions.

Pursuing operational excellence ensures that clients are getting the maximum return on their investment in human, process, and technological application. In order to dramatically improve performance, efficiency, and revenue, an assessment must be both systematic and ongoing. DCA illustrates a clear picture of the organization’s opportunity to positively affect their future business direction and sustainability.

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