IT Applications & Needs Assessment

DCA helps evaluate current GME, Research and Grants Management IT services to insure that the technology infrastructure meets accreditation, regulatory and client innovation needs. Concomitantly, DCA assesses business strategies, identifying gaps or improvement opportunities for re-balancing, growth, and/or downsizing, and developing a report of the findings and recommended changes.

It is essential that needs be identified, well understood, and agreed upon before the commencement of planning and systems development. If client needs are vague, uninformed, or unstated, the needs assessment will provide a structured process to clarify what stakeholders seek.

Often, there are conflicting needs or time and budget constraints that demand prioritization. DCA works with clients to establish priorities and select tradeoffs and thus produce a balanced plan of action. Ultimately, DCA communicates with stakeholders to demonstrate that their individual views and the views of the organization have been embodied in the going-forward application design.

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