Published: Oct 23, 2018

9 physician specialties see jump in compensation

Written by Megan Knowles

Physicians in nine specialties saw increases in total cash compensation from 2017 to 2018, with those specializing in general cardiology seeing the biggest jump in pay, according to a survey from SullivanCotter.

The survey includes data on nearly 167,000 individual physicians and advanced practice providers, with nearly 750 participating hospitals, health systems and medical groups.

Reported total cash compensation generally increased from 2017-18, averaging 1 percent to 4 percent. Out of 10 specialties listed, surgery (general) was the only specialty that did not see an increase in total cash compensation.

Here is the percent change from 2017-18 in total cash compensation for the nine other specialties in the survey:

1. Cardiology (general): 4.4 percent increase
2. Emergency medicine: 4.3 percent increase
3. Pediatrics (general): 3.7 percent increase
4. Orthopedic surgery (general): 3.2 percent increase
5. Hospitalist: 2.2 percent increase
6. Internal medicine: 2.1 percent increase
7. Family medicine: 2 percent
8. Psychiatry (general): 1.4 percent increase
9. OB-GYN: 1.4 percent increase

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